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If you think Paris Hilton is smart, then we're going to have to break-up and I get the dog.Ask me about how I made a million dollars in less than an hour What the hell is that? my job section is blank because people were emailing me just because of what I do for a living, I'm looking for a down to earth girl who is looking for love for all the right reasons.

Most of them are original or ones I pulled from other profiles. please rememeber that I'm not just a sex object Boy toy looking to be played with What do you have to offer? Why do guys have such cheezy headlines on this site? Saving one bored person at a time We'll just lie and say we met in Paris There are 3.3 Billion women in the world and I'm looking for one. because I already know that I am Are you one here to find someone or waste time? MATCH d.t C*M is not responsible for any Adverse Events or overbearing Joy that may occur from reading this profile... I hate Paris Hilton Paris Hilton sucks If Paris Hilton is smater than you, then we're Are you smarter than Paris Hilton? you've just come across a guy who is perfect boyfriend material...By the 1990s, the percentage of women deciding to ‘marry up’ had climbed to 38 per cent – with a similar pattern repeated in the rest of Europe, the US and Australia.The report concluded that equal roles in the family, where husband and wife shared employment, childcare and housework, was ‘not the ideal sought by most couples’.Woman still want to ‘marry up’ and naturally choose husbands who earn more than themselves, a report suggests.The idea of most women wanting to be financially independent is a myth, according to Catherine Hakim of the London School of Economics.

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    I felt a lot of emotions last night and into today; some sadness, some anger, some fear.

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