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In fact, I got the impression during our initial telephone discussion – and nothing had changed my mind since – that Devon was a true, bona-fide princess.

Her squealy voice and infectious personality had warmed my heart, and made me feel good inside.

Pamela was perhaps the smartest, most intellectual person I had ever come across in my life.

She was a proud, card-carrying member of _Mensa_ and ranked very high on the Dean’s List at the Maryland university which she attended.

Their individual profiles were a definite sight to behold on the computer.

All six of these women were chosen with the highest regard to physical appearance, brains and temperament.

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I believed if she were to find the right man, Amy would finally settle down and turn out to be the ideal, picture-perfect (and faithful) wife.

Could that elusive _right man_ ultimately turn out to be yours truly?

A true, quintessential All-American girl, Devon was apple pie, soft blue eyes and warm summer nights on the front porch swing.

Island Fever Written by: Jeremy [email protected] 1: “Paid Vacation” -*- Monday, June 3, 2013 -*- Finally, the time was at hand – the girls were arriving today!

This past week was devoted to getting everything on the island ready for the six young ladies who would spend the upcoming six weeks here with me.

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