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..Even in an age of cheap money, high house prices would leave many to guess that you need to be near the top of the pile to buy a home, but is that true? ..A fly on the shower screen watching my morning ablutions might think my love of animals has gone bonkers.First, emulating a water-loving dog shaking all over...A liberal society should permit cultural or religious minorities to wear distinctive clothing - but only if that doesn’t get in the way of an institution’s ability to enforce basic standards of security...‘Jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency should he be confirmed as secretary of the Treasury,’ Obama said, naming Lew as the man he wants to succeed Timothy Geithner.According to several news outlets, President Trump has abandoned plans for a trip to the United Kingdom to celebrate the opening of a new US embassy in London.Secretary of State Tillerson will travel in his place, the reports claim.

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When he boxed Carl Froch last year, I thought he had no chance but he shocked everybody. Today's it's the England cricket team's turn - AGAIN - to be handed the dubious honour... Asked to buy into a new-look club by owner Randy Lerner, the Scot set about his task with zeal.

After getting back from Rio, I did press and media for 48 hours then flew straight out to LA. These are arguably the best two teams left and I’m hoping this is the defining match of the tournament.

..PATRICK COLLINS: It should be remembered that the FA's initial instinct was to approach Arsene Wenger, a worthy if futile attempt to hire the very best. France cruised through beating Iceland 5-2, while Germany won on penalties ..PAUL NEWMAN: The wait goes on.

..Nursery bosses believe it will be good for children to meet people who 'defy rigid gender restrictions' but I would humbly suggest they should be learning to add up and spell words correctly.

..What are we to make of the tragic story of Eleanor de Freitas, 22, who killed herself after a man she accused of rape won the support of the CPS in his private case against her, asks PETER Mc KAY.

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