Navy dating regulations

I began working in the barracks as a Barracks Petty Officer.

I also began to work at the OB/GYN clinic as an equal opportunity advisor — I wanted to do all I could for myself and the women who worked for me.

Throughout my pregnancy I did my best to educate the people around me about what the Navy mandates for pregnant servicewomen.

My boyfriend and I got married in June, the month before I was due.

My co-workers all thought I was going insane, and when my husband and I bought a pregnancy test that turned up positive, I kind of agreed with them. When I turned them down and ordered a chocolate milkshake instead I was given strange looks.

We had to go to a farewell dinner for one of our beloved chiefs immediately afterwards. Nobody drinks milkshakes at a Sailor's going away party.

The uniform of the day for bluejackets at sea would be "slops," the course clothing of the day, in a mix that seldom matched that of their shipmates.

I was in the middle of nowhere in California — alone in a barracks room with little money.As soon as I walked in the door I was having alcohol pushed in my face — "Try this one! Soon after I sat down with my chief and told him the news.The entire time I was speaking he had a 1000 mile stare and was muttering "no" to himself.VEST AND BREECHES--The same as the captain's, except three buttons and button-holes on the pockets of the vest."A.Oak leaves have been worn since the earliest days as an insignia.

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