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The small solace Donovan was offering was his assurance that Michaela Petit had not been anally raped by his client the morning she died.Komisarjevsky, he told the press, Donovan made that statement outside the Church Street courthouse where his client’s alleged accomplice, Steven Hayes, in on trial for his role in the same crime, the 2007 Cheshire home invasion and murders of members of the Petit family.The courtroom was silent as the jurors passed the photos of Hayley's body across the jury box.The rest of the courtroom — including Hayes — was spared from viewing the photos.In many of the details — including the sexual assaults — Mr. Petit, were holding the mother, Jennifer Hawke Petit, and her two daughters in the home. Petit walked out of the courtroom Wednesday after listening to a detective recount Hayes' alleged confession of the crime.Hayes describes his co-defendant, Joshua Komisarjevsky as being in charge. Komisarjevsky, the younger of the two, is to be tried separately. He also skipped the medical examiner's testimony, which continued into today and included details of the rape of his 11-year-old daughter. Karen Gabianelli also talked about the use of accelerant inside the Petit home.She said both gas containers located on the home's second floor were melted. The two ex-cons accused of torturing a Connecticut family during a brutal home invasion snapped pictures as they sexually assaulted two of their alleged victims, according to testimony heard in court today.

komisarjevsky has a little daughter who was 5 at the time. Under cross-examination by defense attorney Patrick Culligan, Farmhand said he found eight photographs on Komisarjevsky's cell phone.

She said accelerant traces were found on the carpet in Hayley's bedroom and in the hallway outside her room. Hayes told him, “Joshua was walking in and out of the room with a baseball bat” during the sexual assault. On Wednesday afternoon, the medical examiner took the stand as a long day of difficult testimony continues and the judge warned the jury that they will be seeing some "clearly disturbing photos." Michaela was burned.

the older daughter was found on stairs/hallway landing and the little one was tied and half off bed. Jurors were shown photos of Hayley's burned bed, with a piece of melted material, apparently used as a restraint, on the bed post. Petit, who was bound and tied to a pole in the basement.

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