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It is one of the few locations where singles with possibly the same beliefs and interests as yours regularly gather.Essentially, all you have to do is show up, become involved, and get to know people.If they cannot confirm a potential date’s maturity, then they aren’t doing you any favors. Ask your friends to find out more specifics about someone’s integrity before they refer him or her to you.If they can introduce you to someone they know is mature, then thank them and go out on the date but continue to guard your heart until you get to know that individual yourself.Most churches have sports teams, music programs, or mission trips that offer great ways to meet new people.Find somewhere to serve short-term so that you can get exposure to people.The large size of some church congregations might seem intimidating.Therefore, you may feel inclined to visit just the worship service and then go home.

The best way to break into a large singles group is to get involved in their activities.

Where the Singles Are Let's examine the pros and cons of the most common ways to meet singles.

Keep in mind, however, that no one proven way exists to find a good person to date.

This allows you to stay involved at your home church while broadening your association with other Christians.

Meeting singles at a church can be fruitful, but remember this caution: Church congregations are comprised of people at various maturity levels.

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