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Family Vacationby Reeb This true story took place the year of my 17th birthday.It was the last real family vacation my family took together.She would lay around the pool deck in nearly nothing sometimes.Or she would climb out of the pool and while soaking wet, with her small bikini clinging to every inch of her young tight body, prance slowly by me, always giving me a huge hard-on.Allison now stood about 5 feet 4 inches tall, has dark shoulder length hair and a dark complexion like mom.

In my excited state, my voice trembled as I replied, "Hard to say sis, there's not much of a suit there. My little sister was just a complete fox, she knew it and how it was affecting her older brother.

I would walk around in just a pair of small loose fitting gym shorts with no underwear underneath, my semi-hard or hard cock clearly visible as it swang from side to side.

We have an in-ground pool and I noticed that Allison's bikini's kept getting smaller and smaller.

Her eyes are this sexy light, almost goldish brown color, again like mom's.

Allison is just a picture of pure growing teenage sexual beauty.

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