When do snake and spike start dating

During the dance, Caitlin meets up with Joey all dressed up hoping that he would like her, but she becomes upset when he was asking her if she has seen Liz O'Rourke, he then leaves to meet up with Liz, leaving Caitlin depressed.

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A lot of the early episodes of Degrassi used to split itself into plotlines for the old characters, like Joey Jeremiah, Cailtin Ryan, Archie "Snake" Simpson, and Christine "Spike" Nelson, whose daughter Emma (Miriam Mc Donald) enrolls in Degrassi Community School in the first episode. But most of the pilot deals with the older characters' stories, which could make watching it a very confusing experience for someone who has no idea what happened in the old Degrassi (e.g. A better introduction to the series is the third episode, called "Family Politics" (Drake makes his debut in that one as Jimmy Brooks, BTW).In The Big Dance, Joey wanted to dance with Stephanie Kaye, but she insisted on dancing with Derek Wheeler. In Pass Tense, Wheels and Archie were trying to comfort Joey when he learns that he will need to repeat grade 8.Caitlin walks by Joey, Snake, and Wheels and says hello to Joey.Caitlin tells Joey that she had to go home, and Joey offers to walk her.As they reached Caitlin's house, Joey asks her if she's attending the school dance, and Caitlin says she is going. They then agree to do their assignment the next day during lunchtime, and say bye to each other.

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